Big Time in Kalamazoo

We’re in Kalamazoo this weekend for a little good music. Had a nice time at the jam session at the Old Dog Tavern in Downtown K’zoo. Nice bunch of folks, good beers on tap and even ate a few chicken wings. This is a regular old-time music session on Sunday afternoons so be sure to stop by if your in the area. Kalamazoo is becoming a mecca for brewing, dining, coffee roasting and sustainable agriculture. It’s a happnin’ place!

Our friends Marylin and Jimmy. Love all the fish and other critters hanging from ceiling.

Howard and Carol were kind to open their house up so Patt and I could do a little house concert. It was well-attended and well-recieved I think. And there was another nice jam after the concert.

Tonight we’re playing at the Kalamazoo square dance. Film at 11!!