Wednesday Tune Fix – Oyster River Quadrille

This is a tune from legendary fiddler Bob Walters of Tekameh, Nebraska. By the way, the Oyster River is in new Hampshire so I’m not quite sure how this title worked it’s way out to the Midwest??

The tune appears in the first volume of R. P. Christeson’s Old-Time Fiddlers Repertory (University of Missouri Press, Columbia, MO, 1973).  By the way, this tremendously important collection of Missouri/Midwestern fiddle music has been reissued and is available here. Of course, you can get my transcription of this tune on my “Dots” page –

A “quadrille” in the parlance of Missouri Valley fiddlers was a tune in 6/8 time or more commonly a jig. Walters announced these tunes in various archival field recordings as “kadrills”.

If you’re unfamiliar with Walters there a is a great CD called “The Champion” available from Missouri Valley Music at, which belongs in the collection of any fiddle afficianado – essential!

This little playlist will get you going on this tune.