World Fiddle Day Events – Camp Possum

The Big Fiddle Show in Conjunction with Camp Possum is celebrating Whirled Fiddle Day, Saturday, May 16th, with a special all-Canadian tune jam broadcast live on YouTube. IT’S FREE!

We’ll be taking requests by means of YouTube chat. We’re also providing a suggested list of tunes, which a lot of folks should know, that we can use to keep things moving. Click the item below to get to the appropriate place on YouTube.

You can download a PDF of the list HERE.

Here are the tunes/keys we’ve picked.

  • St. Ann’s Reel – D

  • Little Burnt Potato – D

  • Country Waltz – D

  • Harrington Valley Two-Step (Calvin Vollrath) – D

  • On the Road to Boston – D

  • Jimmy’s Favourite Jig – G

  • Good Neighbour Waltz – D

  • Manitoba’s Golden Boy – A

  • Whelan’s Breakdown – C

  • Loggieville Two-Step – D

  • Girl I Left Behind Me – G

  • Rocking Chair Jig – C

  • Don Messer’s Breakdown – C

  • John & Vicki Two-Step (Calvin Vollrath) – D/A

  • Redwing – G

  • Black Velvet Waltz – C

  • Murray River Jig – A

  • Crooked Stovepipe – G

  • Bowing the Strings – A

  • Westphalia Waltz – G

  • Liberty Two-Step – D

See you there!


    1. Thanks Larry. We’ll miss seeing you guys this year I guess. We were planning another California tour and visit for May when the sh*t his the fan.
      Take care of yourself and we’ll see you again when this all blows over.

      Charlie & Patt

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