Wednesday Tune-Fix: Nile Wilson’s Tie-Hacker #1

This another of Nile Wilson’s tunes called the Tie-Hacker #1 (of course there’s a #2). The tie-hackers were itinerant railroad laborers who helped construct the railway across northern Missouri in the late 1800s by cutting railroad ties from the once abundant stands of white oak in the region. Nile played a lot of tunes in C and I’ve always found C to be a desirable key for square dance music (along with A) as the fiddle rings out nicely in this key.

There is a recording of Nile playing this tune available on the MSOTFA bandcamp site:

You can find the music for this tune on my FREE transcriptions page at: In the playlist below you’ll find a lesson for this tune, an example of Nile playing it at a square dance, a performance of the piece by Missouri fiddler John Williams and also a longer video of Nile discussing his style of playing.



  1. In my experience, there are some tunes that just stick in one’s memory and won’t let loose. I woke up one morning and found this tune running through my mind after not having heard it for years. I was able to track it down and refresh my recollection and now play it often. Thatt’s my own definition of a great tune.

    Thanks for posting this Charlie!

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