Wednesday Tune Fix – “That Good Tune in A”

How about playing “That Good Tune in A”. This is a tune I learned from Dwight Lamb up in Onawa, IA. The title comes from that fact that no one had a name for it so when it was requested someone would just ask to hear “That Good Tune in A.”

Sounds a little Blue-grassy to my ear. Fun piece to play. Compare with Andy DeJarlis’ Blue Mountain Two-Step. Given the penchant of Missouri Valley fiddlers to play Canadian tunes I’m going to guess that this DeJarlis recording might be the source.

Be sure to get the “dots”. Just motor on over to and click “PIECES” and you’ll find it.

Now let’s all play “That Good Tune in A.”

We recorded Dwight playing the tune at his house back in 1985. This is a great session so you’ll want to listen to the whole thing, but the Good Tune in A is at time index 42:40.