Wednesday Tune Fix: Tennessee Rag

Tennessee Rag is a hoe-down I learned from Pete McMahan. Pete got the tune from a recording of the great Benny Martin. The first part of the tune is pretty much “Rachel” set in A. It moves along framing the chords A-D-E-A, etc. It’s pretty Bluegrassy, too!

I couldn’t locate a suitable version of Tennessee Rag on YouTube. The one there by Benny Martin is mis-labeled as he’s playing Grey Eagle. Also, don’t confuse this tune with the Tennessee Rag on YouTube as played by guitarist Chet Atkins as that is actually East Tennessee Blues he is playing.

So here’s Pete setting it on fire as the first selection in this playlist. In the subsequent clips in this playlist I’ll show you how to play it. Be sure to get the transcription on my “Dots” page.