Wednesday Tune-Fix: Pungråtta Hambo

Here’s a tune I wrote while messing about a few years ago trying to learn some hambos for our contra dance band to play at the Squirrel Moon Contra Weekend at Folklore Village in Dodgeville, WI. This little idea came to mind and I fleshed it out. Pungråtta is the Swedish word for Opossum.

You can download from my “Dots” page under “Pieces”. There it appears as Possum Hambo.

The tune is in the key of D and is in 3/4 time. For those not familiar with the hambo, well it’s a Swedish couple that I can best describe as something between a waltz and schottische. It’s got a lightly dotted feel and many of the “holds” are schottische-like. Here’s a little video from the good folks at YouTube:

Now the real danger in writing new tunes is that you’ll plagiarize something out of your own brain. So if anyone thinks this tune is not original please say so and save me the embarrassment that accompanied Norma Lou’s Waltz!

Email me and let me know what you think. That’s

Thanks to my buddy Gary Lee Moore out in Seattle for providing the possum picture. He caught it himself and photographed this very pee-o’d little critter!


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