Wednesday Tune Fix: Old Ladies Picking Chickens

This is great little tune from the Missouri Valley region that we got from Dwight Lamb. The tune is set in D&A. In the B-part there’s some great little pizzacato (string pickin’). I wouldn’t call this a dance tune as such, more for listening and enjoyment.


It was on one of his early fiddle LPs and was subsequently reissued on a cassette tape by the Missouri State Old-Time Fiddlers Association. You can order the recording “Dwight Lamb & Elvin Campbell – Old Time Fiddle Classics” from Missouri Valley Music, which has contain the original recording of Dwight playing the tune.

Dwight Lamb and Elvin Campbell “Old Time Fiddle Classics”

Get the music for the tune at my website:

You can hear Dwight playing the tune with some young folks at the Bethel fiddle camp a few years back. Keep going into the playlist and I’ll show you how to play this piece.