Wednesday Tune-Fix: Oklahoma Redbird

OK, we’re really on a run here with Lyman Enloe tunes. What’s not to like, right? Here’s one in Bb-flat that everyone in Missouri associated with Lyman called Oklahoma Redbird. It’s pretty typical of the Bb hornpipes with lots of arpeggio-type passages as you’d expect to find in Bb tunes on the fiddle. Lays out nice, though, and so not terribly difficult to get over.

This tune appeared on Lyman’s recording with the Kansas City-based Bluegrass Association called “Fiddle Tunes I Recall”. The recording was later reissued on County LP 762. It is still available at County Sales on CD. This recording to my thinking is one of the top ten all-time best American fiddle records so get it.

As always get the music on my “DOTS” page.

I taught this tune at a workshop at the KDHX St. Louis Folk School a few years back. Here’s that playlist so you can get this one under your belt.


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