Wednesday Tune-Fix: Nile Wilson’s Oak Ridge Stomp

Another Nile Wilson hoe-down called Oak Ridge Stomp, this time in the key of D. It’s a snappy little piece with a lot of lift and bounce if you bow it like Nile. The A-part has hints of Flop-Eared Mule, while B-part gives a tip of the hat to certain versions of Durang’s Hornpipe.

Hear Nile’s version at the MSOTFA Bandcamp page: Oak Ridge Stomp

While there is a town in Missouri called Oak Ridge, it’s way down in the southeastern part of the Show-Me State. Oak Ridge doubtless refers to the prominent stands of white oak timber that exists around the many muddy rivers that criss-cross North Central Missouri prairie. Recall from a previous post that these oak timbers were the target of the tie-hackers wednesday-tune-fix-tie-hacker-hoe-down 

You can find the music for this tune on my free notation page at

This is an excerpt from a workshop I gave at the KDHX Folk School on January 25, 2014. More Nile Wilson tunes coming including Oak Ridge Stomp and Tiehacker #1.