Wednesday Tune Fix – Fever in the South

Let me show you this great old hoe-down from Vee Latty of Fulton, Missouri, which originated Callaway County and is likely part of the old repertoire from Black fiddlers in the region. Latty with his wife Marie playing “Hawaiian” guitar, was a regular on Radiophone WOS in the 1920s, which broadcast from the State Capitol dome in Jefferson City, Missouri. In Mid-Missouri among the older generation of fiddlers I learned from he was a true giant, often recalled in stories and renditions of his tunes played well into the 1980s.

Above is my demo of the tune, plus note-by-note instruction. There are also some performance examples.

You can get the music to this piece on my “DOTS” page.

Want to hear old Vee Latty play fever in the south? Here you go…