Wednesday Tune-Fix: Country Waltz

I first heard this waltz on the old K-TEL fiddle record 25 Old-Tyme Fiddle Hits. OTFH was actually an American reissue of a record from Canada by the same title, but on the Arc label (FH-2).

Several of the old-time fiddlers around Mid-Missouri had this tune, Taylor McBaine being among them. I’ve got to admit to being mildly obsessed about this old LP since it was the source of so many great tunes that I still love and play to this day.

On the USA K-TEL version none of the fiddlers were identified, but the Canadian issue told us the names of the fiddlers. So the fiddler playing on this album, according to the album notes, was none other than Ned Landry of New Brunswick. Thanks to my pal Mike Houston (a.k.a. Lonesome Lefty) for posting this long out-of-print LP.

You can get the notes to this tune on my Dots page:

This playlist will get you going on this very accessible and fun melody in D.