Wednesday Tune Fix – Black Sally Goodin

Pete McMahan at Ellis Library, Columbia, MO c.1985

A Missouri fiddle tune I learned from Pete McMahan of Harrisburg, MO, who attributed to Black fiddlers in Mid-Missouri. There are various Sally Goodins played in G, but this one is a Missouri original.

Tuning is GDAD with the E-string dropped to D to allow some droning and left-hand pizzicato. From a workshop at the St. Louis Folk School on September 27, 2014. To play it Missouri-style there should be no back-beat as with much of the music attributed to the upland South. If anything, you should play a little ahead of the beat and push forward as you would for any old-time square dance tune. Punch it up to 120 to 130 bpm to make it come out right.

Get the transcription here: