Want Your CD Reviewed on Possum’s Big Fiddle Show?

Hey, how would you like to have your latest album release reviewed on an upcoming episode of Possum’s Big Fiddle Show? The @BigFiddleShow media empire has far-ranging tentacles and tremendous influence (actually, very short tentacles and almost no influence, but some people still listen to the podcast and read these blog posts).

Anyway, there are two ways to submit your material.  One is to just mail a copy of your CD to our world headquarters as follows: Charlie Walden, c/o PBFS  Post Office Box 8023 Wilmette, IL 60091 USA.

Or, you can go low carbon and upload your tagged MP3 tracks along with CD art, artist bio, photos, and whatever else is pertinent to a cloud folder and send a link to said folder with your request via email to BigFiddleShow@gmail.com.

If you’re album is streaming only, as many are today, it must appear on Google Play Music. That’s the only such service I use. If it’s not there I can’t review it.

I guess there’s a third way – like you could just hand me one when you see me, which is super low carbon, right?

For maximum impact include as many of the following as apply:

  • JPEG of album art
  • Album booklet (PDF if sending digital files)
  • Artist bios and band background
  • Artist/Band Photos
  • List of relevant previous releases
  • Upcoming show – like in the next 6 to 9 months
  • For maximum impact be sure to include the following:
  • Social media handles and URLs like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Your website address, if any
  • Where people can buy the music both physical and download
  • Where people can listen as in which streaming services can folks hear album

IMPORTANT: I don’t review material that is not in my wheelhouse and I won’t write negative reviews. If you submit something that I can’t review for either of these reasons you’ll get a nice thank you message. Materials submitted for review will not be returned.

I’ll get your recording plugged at the next available time on the program and will also post a review on this blog.

Now how easy is that?

Questions? Email me at BigFiddleShow@gmail.com.