Travelogue – Key West

Still d*mn cold out so how about looking at some more tropical real estate. Key West is to me one the finest places to visit in all these United States. These pics are combined from trips Patt & I took in 2013 and 2014. We try to time it with some of pals from Allegheny Echoes as they like to get a place on one of the big keys and go fishing. There’s always a little pickin’.

Key West is dead flat and so small you really don’t need car if you’re not going to venture off the island. We picked a place one year that rented bicycles and used them a lot, but you can walk almost anywhere you want to go or take a cheap cab ride.

There’s great food to be had. Also, a lot of wild chickens running about. We love talking to the locals and you can find plenty of them hanging out at a watering hole called Don’s Place. No frills, just drinks. People come in with their dogs. Mostly geezers like us. Believe it not, but you can meet people born in Key West who’ve never learned to drive and some who claim they’ve never been to the mainland!

We also love Blue Heaven – we go there once a day when. Some pics of that place below. It’s mid-range priced I’d say, but we’ve never been disappointed. Breakfast with a little eye-opener is excellent there.

The Hemingway Mansion is a must-do and it’s loaded with six-toed kitties who reside there permanently. As you can see below they’re pretty friendly.




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