#23 Tunes with Don – Leake County Two-Step

Woah Nellie! It’s another edition of Possum’s Big Fiddle Show – Tunes with Don. It’s Don sawing the fiddle and me on the starvation box playing tunes, telling jokes, listening to the Hotline and crackin’ wise on the important topics of the day – NOT!! Don plays Leake County Two-Step, Ora Lee, Green Willis & Lafayette. A very strange man calls us, he’s a veteran and he observed something quite odd on his a radar set during the Cold War. There are many puns and odd sounds to boot.

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#20 PBFS@NITE! with Ward Allen

Woah there hoss! It’s another Episode of Possum’s Big Fiddle Show @NITE! What to we do on PBFS@NITE! you may ask. Well pard’, we play along with the greatest fiddlers of all time on YouTube and you can play right along. Tonite we’re sawin’ along with Ontario fiddle legend Ward Allen. Tonight it’s Maple Leaf Two-Step, Blue Pacific Hornpipe, Fiddler’s Dream, Marie Ann Reel, The Old Box Stove, Snowflake Reel, and finally the beautiful Peek-A-Boo Waltz. Get your fiddle out and join in!

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#22 PBFS@NITE! with Tommy Jackson

Hey everybody it’s Possum’s Big Fiddle Show @NITE! We play along with the greatest fiddlers of all time on YouTube and you can, too! Tonight it’s Tommy Jackson. The Wiley Ol’ Possum plays Liberty, Ragtime Annie, The Girl I Left Behind Me, Chinese Breakdown and many more!

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#19 PBFS@NITE! with Andy DeJarlis

It’s BigFiddleShow@NITE! for February 11, 2020. We played from a list of six Andy DeJarlis tune tongiht: Romeo’s First Change, Andy’s Centennial Two-Step, Golden Boy Two-Step, Backwoodsman’s Reel, Jimmy’s Jig and The Lucky Trapper Reel. Join in the fun next time and get your fiddle out and play along.

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#14 Shetland Fiddle & Accordion Festival 2019 – Part 1

This past October 10 to 14, 2019, marked the 32nd annual Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival (SAFF) held in the Shetland Islands. In my last post I told you how to get to Shetland from America. This is part oneĀ  about our experience at the festival and focuses on the festival club and the various venues around the islands. For a quick overview refer to the festival program HERE. More information is available at the festival website https://www.shetlandaccordionandfiddle.com/.

I play you some tunes on the electric fiddle, too: a tune from Missouri called 50 Years Ago Waltz, a Shetland tune by Ronnie Cooper called Miss Susan Cooper and the Canadian Jig composed by Ned Landry called Ripple Rock Jig.

The next podcast and post will tell you all about the Festival Club sessions, the Grand Dance at the Clickimin Center and the Garrison Theatre Concerts.

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