Episode #7 Square Dance 78’s, Teddy Roosevelt & More!

Possum's Big Fiddle Show
Possum's Big Fiddle Show
Episode #7 Square Dance 78's, Teddy Roosevelt & More!

In this exciting episode your host plays more 78s from the “Square Dance Box”. This is a heavy metal case of square dance records from the 1950s that Patt’s mother picked up at a thrift shop in Sarasota some years back. There a passle of 78 rpm records in it plus notes and set lists used by a real working Western-Style square dance caller. Quite a find. I’ll also play you a little bit of the Solomon family and a cut from a  new CD by Calvin Vollrath’s I picked up at Pembroke last year.

BTW, our good friends Heidi and Chris Germain were in town last weekend from Philly. We had a nice visit and even threw a little music party Saturday night. So here’s a special shoutout to them.

Be sure to call the hotline and get in on the fun. Just dial (847) 920-7587 anytime and leave us a message. You might just appear on the next episode of Possum’s Big Fiddle Show!

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