Episode #4 Get Up in the Cool / Possum’s Big Fiddle Show – Brandywine Super Crossover Special!

Possum's Big Fiddle Show
Possum's Big Fiddle Show
Episode #4 Get Up in the Cool / Possum's Big Fiddle Show - Brandywine Super Crossover Special!

People said it couldn’t be done – like the moon landing (which actually was done on a hurriedly assembled movie set in El Segundo – but that’s a topic for another podcast). Still, here they are – Get Up in the Cool’s Cameron DeWhitt and Possum’s Big Fiddle Show’s Charlie Walden squaring of before your very eyes and/or ears.

This is the crossover podcast extravaganza of the millenium. There’s patter on everything from beer to Garth Brooks to Bluegrass and back to beer, too! Recorded right on the spot at the 2018 Brandywine Revival Festival on June 16, 2018.

We cut down on some banjo & fiddle duets, too. You’ll hear an Ozarks hoe-down Humansville, Kenny Baker’s Brandywine, Pete McMahan’s versions of Talk to Dinah & Virginia Darlin’, a Canadian import (duty-free!) Whiskey Before Breakfast and lastly Buddy Thomas’ Turkey in the Pea Patch.

Folks – be sure to call the Hotline! at (847) 920-7587 and let us know what you think.

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