Episode #2 with Mike “Wichita Slim” Miller

Possum's Big Fiddle Show
Possum's Big Fiddle Show
Episode #2 with Mike "Wichita Slim" Miller

My guest is long-time musical ally and starvation box devotee Mike “Wichita Slim” Miller. He’s coming to you live via Skype from Elkins, WV. We share an adult beverage, take a call on the “hotline” from a listener in the frozen wilds of Ontario, reminisce about our fabled 2012 five boroughs Guinness tour, and try to play a few tunes together across the the internet.

Be sure to call the Hotline at (847) 920-7587 and get in on the fun.

For more info go to http://www.charliewalden.com.

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