Episode #10 Getting to the Shetland Islands

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Episode #10 Getting to the Shetland Islands

Wow! Our recent excursion to Scotland and the Shetland Islands in October did not disappoint. You can read my first post HERE. The next few posts and podcasts will be devoted to describing this amazing journey. This article is all about getting there. For folks who aren’t seasoned travelers it can be a bit daunting with all the different bookings and modes of transit.┬áThe trip required taxis, planes, trams, trains, ferries, and buses.

In this podcast I’ll describe in detail all it took to get from Chicago, IL, USA to Lerwick in Shetland. BTW, never say “Shetlands”. It’s either Shetland or the Shetland Islands. As it was put to me, “Would you say the Hawaiis?” In a future podcast I’ll tell you all about the Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival.



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