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This post is an index to the content on my Patreon site at The posts aren’t public so unless you are a subscriber you’ll won’t be able to access them. To sign up click the banner above. Hey, it’s only $4 US per month! Subscribers must be logged in to access the links.

This is an alphabetical list so just scroll down and scan till you find what you’re looking for. Of course, you can always go the Patreon site and enter your tune title or whatever into the search line, although I’ll admit it’s a little clunky. I thought this sort of index might also be helpful, also. For posts concerning member benefits use the patron benefit tab on the Patreon site.

Be sure to message me if you can’t find something and I’ll get right back to you.

Alphabetical List of Tunes

A & E Waltz – Fiddle

Acorn Hill Breakdown – Fiddle

Andy’s Centennial Two-Step – Fiddle

Andy’s Centennial Two-Step – Mandolin

Aunt Mary’s Hornpipe – Fiddle

Aunt Mary’s Hornpipe – Mandolin

Back in ’89 – Fiddle

Bailey’s Breakdown – Fiddle

Bear Creek Hop – Fiddle

Black Sally Goodin – Fiddle

Bowing the Strings – Fiddle

Buck Fever Rag

Casey’s Hornpipe – Fiddle

Duncan’s Reel – Fiddle & Mandolin

Dwight Lamb’s Accordion Quadrille in G #2 – Fiddle

Dwight Lamb’s Accordion Quadrille in G #2 –  Mandolin

Fourth of July Waltz (Art Galbraith) – Fiddle

Fourth of July Waltz (Art Galbraith) – Mandolin

Germain Leduc, Sr. Two-Step – Fiddle

Harrington Valley Two-Step

Humansville – Fiddle

Little Ditch Girl – Fiddle

Little Dutch Girl – Mandolin

Liverpool Hornpipe – Fiddle

London Hornpipe – Fiddle

Manitoba’s Golden Boy – Fiddle

Mississippi Sawyer – Fiddle

Old Reunion – Fiddle

Old Reunion – Mandolin

New Five Cents – Fiddle

New Five Cents  – Mandolin

Pat the Budgie – Fiddle

Peacock Rag – Fiddle

Peacock Rag – Mandolin

Reel Petit Minou – Fiddle

Ripple Rock Jig – Fiddle

Shoal Creek Breakdown (Swamp Lake Breakdown) – Fiddle

South Missouri – Fiddle & Mandolin

St. Joe Hornpipe / Logger’s Breakdown – Fiddle & Mandolin

Wagner – Fiddle

Wagner – Mandolin

Walk Along John – Fiddle

Walk Along John – Mandolin

Webster’s Tune – Fiddle & Mandolin

Zack Wheat’s Piece – Fiddle

Zack Wheat’s Piece – Mandolin

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