One year ago…

Just realized that this time last year Patt & I were basking in the sun down in Riviera Maya. I had won the grand prize in the raffle at the Shelburne Fiddle Contest the previous August – all inclusive trip to Mehico. Always a sucker for raffles, 2015 really paid off – Mexico trip, Cubs tickets at Post 42 American Legion, even won the fiddle at the Missouri Fiddlers & Country Music Association picnic (need not be present to win!). I bought a few Powerball tickets after that, but no dice.

The only catch for us was that we had to drive to Toronto to catch the flight to Mexico. Not bad though as it gave us a chance to visit some friends in Windsor on the way there.

Anyway, if you’re like us and still hanging out in the frozen upper tier of states or in Canada you’ll enjoy these pics.



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