Now You Can Fuel My Passion For Old-Time Fiddling and Yours

Greetings to my fans and subscribers on YouTube and elsewhere. Did you know I’m approaching 3000 uploads of personal fiddle performances, workshops, lesson, dances and historic videos of old-time fiddling? If you don’t know my channel visit and if you enjoy the material there please subscribe.

Visitors to my channel will notice minimal advertising content interfering with your enjoyment of the actual content. That is, you don’t have to watch some video trying to sell you cars or insurance before watching my uploads. (NOTE: sometime YouTube places ads beyond my control, like when they determine copyrighted materials is included.)

Now you can help fuel my fiddle videos by pledging at my Patreon site. You’ll get some thank you goodies for various levels of subscribing. Mostly though, you’ll get the satisfaction of helping to feed my passion and yours for old-time fiddling.

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Of course, you’re welcome to continuing enjoying my efforts without contributing so no worries. I’m doing this because I love it and I know you do, too.