Nolan Boone – Fiddle King of Audrain County, Missouri

Nolan Boone was one of the older generation of fiddlers in Mid-Missouri that I and many of my contemporaries had the pleasure of associating with when we were learning the way of the old fiddler back in the 70’s & 80’s. A frequent contest competitor, Nolan was in the top-tier of the old-time players, but in his home county there in Little Dixie he was most widely know as a dance fiddler.

I’m currently working on a project transferring a bunch of old cassettes that were recorded by Al Cooley, a fiddler and insurance salesman from Hannibal. Among them is a very nice recording of Nolan Boone accompanied by his wife on piano. These recordings would have been made in the early 70’s.

The photo below is from the SPBGMA Knox County Fiddler’s Contest that was held on Chuck Stearman’s farm near Kirksville in 1981.

Left to Right: Al Cooley, Unidentified, Nolan Boone

The full release of the audio with biographical material will be posted on the MSOTFA Bandcamp site in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, enjoy these samples:

Aunt Mary’s Hornpipe – Nolan’s signature tune:

Westphalia Waltz