New Tune Transcriptions

Just getting around today to transcribing all the tunes for the good folks who attended our workshops out in California in December. There were three events – San Diego, San Francisco and Palo Alto (Gryphon Strings). Really good attendance all three. The tunes we went through were ¬†Bailey’s Breakdown, Black Velvet Waltz, Pat the Budgie (not named for Patt – she’s not a budgie bird!), Talk to Dinah, Snowshoe Reel, Lucky Trapper, Submarine (Sous-Marin) Jig, Brenda’s Reel, Coming Down From Denver, and A & E Waltz.

For anyone curious, I’m doing my notation with Sibelius. My old version of Finale fell of the table when Windows abandoned XP so I had to enter the “modern” era. It works great though, although the learning curve was a little steep at first.

If you’d like a bunch of my transcriptions they’re available on my website at:¬†