New Tune Transcriptions

Just getting around today to transcribing all the tunes for the good folks who attended our workshops out in California in December. There were three events – San Diego, San Francisco and Palo Alto (Gryphon Strings). Really good attendance all three. The tunes we went through were  Bailey’s Breakdown, Black Velvet Waltz, Pat the Budgie (not named for Patt – she’s not a budgie bird!), Talk to Dinah, Snowshoe Reel, Lucky Trapper, Submarine (Sous-Marin) Jig, Brenda’s Reel, Coming Down From Denver, and A & E Waltz.

For anyone curious, I’m doing my notation with Sibelius. My old version of Finale fell of the table when Windows abandoned XP so I had to enter the “modern” era. It works great though, although the learning curve was a little steep at first.

If you’d like a bunch of my transcriptions they’re available on my website at: