Kafein’s Northern Fiddle Session in Evanston (Wednesday, February 28th)

It happening again! — the Patt and Possum monthly fiddle session at Kafein. Wednesday, February 28, 7:30 to 9:30 PM at the Kafein Coffee located at 1621 Chicago Avenue in Evanston, IL.

We’ll feature “Northern” tunes from the Upper Midwest, Canada, New England and beyond and play them as we would in some of favorite contra dance sets. A few Scots and Irish tunes might even sneak in from time to time. Bring your fiddles, mandolins, guitars and other such appropriate instruments and play along with the reels, hoe-downs, jigs, hornpipes, waltzes, schottisches and hambos. This won’t be a slow jam and there might be tunes you don’t know, but just grab a note and hang on!

We played the following tunes last time:

Reels: Vacationer’s / Winding Stream / Big John McNeil / St Ann’s / Angus Campbell / Woodchopper /  Mon Voison / Don Messer Breakdown / Charlebois / Farewell to Whisky / Miss Susan Cooper / Bruce Armitage / Lucky Trapper / Trip Windsor / Mississippi Sawyer / Liberty / Soldier’s Joy

Jigs: Irishman’s Heart / Submarine / Goldenrod / Plymouth Lasses / Rocking Chair / Buttermilk Mary / Tea Garden / Tom MacCormack / Cadeau / Tobin’s Favourite / Fasten the Legging

Plus the Good Neighbour and Westphalia Waltzes.

You can hear all these tunes from the session in this YouTube playlist.

More info at Kafein’s event page: https://www.kafein.coffee/calendar/2018/2/28/northern-fiddle-jam.

You can view session sets and a list of common old-time tunes we’ll draw from at the link below. There is also a link on that page for free sheet music.


For more info email us at possum.walden@gmail.com.