I’ll Hold the Lantern While Mother Chops the Wood

Like the Wall Street Crash of ’29 and the final episode of M.A.S.H., people who watched the January 21, 2020, videocast of Possum’s Big Fiddle Show Episode #16 will remember where they were and who they held close as they witnessed the debut, yea even the birth, of a new tune entitled “I’ll Hold the Lantern While Mother Chops the Woods” otherwise known as “The Dutiful Son”.  I think all will agree that Don did a fabulous job of rendering this piece.

The title came to me by way of John Blisard, sole proprietor of Fiddles on the Elk River (fiddlesontheelkriver.com) and a denizen of Big Chimney, WV. Lo these many years John has taunted me with this intriguing title and I decided is time to set digital pen to virtual paper and come up with a tune worthy of this noble appellative. 

Thus we have the tune I’ll Hold the Lantern While Mother Chops the Woods.

You can grab the dots to this ditty by visiting charliewalden.com/dots/reels-hoe-downs/.

Watch Don and I render it in the video below.

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