HOWTO: Fix audio out of sync on Twitch downloads…


Usually when doing a Twitch broadcast I’ll recorded simultaneously while streaming. The recording is then edited and uploaded to my YouTube channel at Every now and again I’ll forget to start recording and will have to rely on downloading the video from my Twitch account and then try to edit in Premiere Elements V.10.

If you’ve ever tried to do this you’ll immediately notice that while the video plays fine when you play it back when you it into PE V.10 as the video plays the video and audio get increasingly more out of sync, the audio falling further and further behind. This would not make for an acceptable archive upload to YouTube. The problem is caused because as Twitch encodes the live stream it does so with a variable frame rate to save bandwidth.

This problem is easily fixed, though. Simply import the video into another program such as Nero Video or Nero recode and then export as an MP4 or AVI type file. That file can now be imported into PE V.10 and the audio and video will be in sync.