Announcing My Favorite Tune for 2016

Welcome to my first post with the new WordPress Blog. The address is in case you found your way here by accident.

Anyway, I learned a lot of great new (new to me, anyway) tunes in 2016 and doubtless my all-time favorite was Ivor Scollay Jig by the renowned Canadian fiddler Calvin Vollrath.  Hear it below from this YouTube post. This tune really pops. Great chromatic stuff in the A and soaring, dramatic chords (as my Patt calls them) in the B. Awesome contra dance tune and just fun to play.

For all things Calvin visit You can download this tune and find the dots there, too.

The header image was taken by yours truly at the big Pembroke Fiddle Fest in Pembroke, ONT, Canada at the Group Leduc tent. The occasion was a special Sunday evening concert by Calvin. He was accompanied by Jaquelyn Guerette on guitar and Germain Leduc (Jr.) on piano.

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