Clevenger 5-String Electric Bass

Clevenger 5-String Electric Bass. S/N 5-039

I owned this Clevenger Bass for awhile, but sold it. Thought I would leave this post up just so folks could check it out. Great instrument.

We bought this bass used a few years ago in Chicago, suspecting that Patt would play it in a contra dance band. Unfortunately, it’s a little big for her hands so we found her another solution. In the meantime it’s time to pass this baby on to someone who can enjoy and appreciate it.

Plenty of pics below. It plays beautifully and weighs only 20 pounds and it 59 inches long when pack up in it’s zipper case. Very portable. With it’s adjustable mono-stand it can be played by someone quite tall or even sitting down. The action is perfect and the sound is amazing. USA Made circa 1990.

Includes useful accessories including a toolkit, user manual, a set of four strings (E-A-D-G, low C not included), serviceable fiberglass bow with quiver. The Clevenger incorporates an adjustable “wing” and other components, which serve to give the physical feel of an acoustic bass.


A new 5-string from Clevenger sells for nearly $4000.

Visit the Clevenger web site for more info:

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