Camp Possum Merch

You asked for it so here it is! Camp Possum merchandise including: The Sticker, Trucker Cap, Baseball-Style T’s and Cotton Baseball Caps. We’ve actually purchased all four of these particular items and subjected them to rigorous testing here at Possum Labs.

We send out the stickers just as with the now infamous @bigfiddleshow sticker. Order below via a paypal/credit card. The sticker measures 4 inches wide by 3 inches high is die-cut to shape and made of vinyl for extra durability. Just click the pic with the quantity you want.

FYI – Subscribers can get the sticker for only $4. Go check it out at

If you want to send a check or cash just message me at and we’ll sort it out.

All the other merch is handled by Cafepress. There are lots of other options on the site, so order what you like with the Camp Possum logo and we’ll sit back and watch the fractional pennies roll in!

Just click on the picture of the item you want. BTW, Patt says here Baseball T shrunk about 25% on the first washing so you might want to adjust you size accordingly.


NOTE: The entire transaction & fulfillment is handled by Cafepress so we can’t attest to or influence delivery times, quality, etc.