Camp Possum Jam Tunes for June 13

Get ready for another edition of Camp Possum this Saturday, June 13, 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. It’s on-line on my YouTube channel. Just click the link below and you’re there!

Download a list of the jam session tunes HERE.

We’ll learn a tune called Aunt Mary’s Hornpipe. This is the signature tune of one Nolan Boone, who was an active contest and dance fiddler in Mid-Missouri. It’s an original to that region and just a fine old hoe-down. Then we’ll have a jam session of American and Canadian favorites guided by Patt & me, plus your requests. The workshop portion focuses on fiddle and mandolin, but any melody instruments can tag along.

After the live stream you can review the lesson at:

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The live stream is absolutely free, however, the archived instructional portion of the video will be available as patron-only content at

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