Camp Possum Jam Tunes for 23-May

Get ready for another edition of Camp Possum this Saturday, May 23. It’s on-line on my YouTube channel. Just click the link below and you’re there!

Download a list of the jam session tunes HERE.

In this installment of Camp Possum we’ll have our usual jam session and I’ll show you how to play St. Joe Hornpipe in Bb. This is a Missouri Valley tune with a Canadian Connection – compare to Logger’s Breakdown. They share a part exactly, so I’ll show the extra part and then you’ll know two tunes!

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The next stream is this Saturday, May 23 at 11:00 AM Central (USA). The workshop focuses on fiddle and mandolin, but any melody instruments can tag along.  These sessions are live inter-active events on YouTube. You can chat with Patt & me and each other just like you do on PBFS.

The live stream is absolutely free, however, the archived instructional portion of the video will be available as patron-only content at

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