Birthday Bash Hailed As Party Of The Century

Choco-Cake from Tag’s Bakery in Evanston

Just had my 60th birthday party a couple of weeks ago held at stately Plunkett-Walden Mansion. Attended by 90 some people, there was plenty of fiddling, dancing, imbibing, eating, talking, etc., etc. What a blast it was. Patt did yeoman’s duty pouring bubbly, monitoring the cake consumption and getting a few tunes on the piano to boot. Thanks sweetie! Thanks to everyone who came and got down with their bad-selves. Special guests of honor were all of our yutes – Jesse, Graham & Ross, who hadn’t been together in the house for like 10 years and many members of the family from the Plunkett side. Also on hand were mates Mike “Wichita” Miller, Chris Germain and Bill Shull – all who came in from out-of-town for the festivities. There was gaggle of fiddlers the likes of which our street had never seen. We had an old-time session, Irish session, a jazz session and a high energy trance jam in the basement. Great food was provided – worth special mention were the brisket from Patt’s sister Ginger and the guacamole from our neighbor Amy.

There were just too many people there to mention everyone, but the whole darn thing was streamed live on YouTube and you watch the captured stream, all 6-1/2 hours of it, anytime you want. There was a lot of chatting, which actually was louder than the music on several occasions. I think everyone had a good time and we might just make a party that time of year annual thing.