Big Fiddle Show / Camp Possum Newsletter for October 13, 2020

Welcome to the new newsletter for the Big Fiddle, Camp Possum and all things Patt & Possum.

A lot is going on this week on the YouTube channel. First, we’re about to hit 3000 subscribers. If you’re not already a subscriber you can push us over the top by subscribing. It’s free and not annoying. Just go here and click the subscribe button. You’ll need to be logged into to your Google/YouTube account for it to work.

We’re doing seven live streams this week, including the three duffer classes, Camp Possum Wednesday Session, The Ukulele Tiki Partay Tune, The Big Fiddle Show Tiki Partay & Camp Possum on Saturday. Links are below:

This week on the Big Fiddle Show @ Nite with Patt Tiki Partay you’ll enjoy the usual brace of fiddle tunes, some songs (one of which will be “Who’s Sorry Now” our ukulele tune of the week) and related hi-jinx. Our special musical guests are a pair of fine fiddle and guitar duos. First it’s our pals Bobbi & Roland Nikles from out Washington way and then Mary Alice Bernal and Joe “the clockmaker” Sartino of Nashville make another appearance. Somebody’s going to win “Poss-feratu”. It all starts at 8:00 PM Central this Friday. CLICK HERE!

The Camp Possum Wednesday Session is back. It’s all about your requests so email us at or text the hotline 847.920.7587 and you can also make request during the show using YouTube chat. Starts at 8:00 PM Central on Wednesday. CLICK HERE!

This week at Camp Possum we’re learning a Tommy Jackson hoe-down in D called Snowshoe Reel. Then we’ll have a go at the 20 plus tunes we’ve already learned at Camp Possum – WOW! Saturday morning, 11:00 to 12:30 Central.  CLICK HERE!

The Duffers session are coming into the home stretch. This week we’re in “A” and we’ll be reviewing A Hundred Pipers Jig, Boil the Cabbage and then a new tune will be introduced “Life in the Finnish Woods – Waltz”, which you will definitely recognize if you’re a fan of country music from the 50s. All livestreams start at 11:00 AM Central time. View past lesson by becoming a patron. Click the banner at the top of the newsletter for more info.




The Ukulele Tiki Partay tune of the Week is “Who’s Sorry Now?” Join the old flip-flop wearing castaway for a quick lesson on this tune and then join in during the Big Fiddle Show Tiki Partay Friday night. 11:00 AM Central on Friday. CLICK HERE!

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