Big Fiddle Show / Camp Possum Newsletter for November 3, 2020

It’s Big Fiddle Show/Camp Possum Newsletter!!

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The Big Fiddle Show now has a discord server.

What is discord?? It’s an online service that permits the creation of a community of folks with a similar interest. In this case, patrons & fans of the Big Fiddle Show. Think of it as Facebook without the toxicity and advertising.

What can you do with it. There are text channels you can use it to find out what’s going on with Camp Possum, The Big Fiddle Show and also new and featured offerings on our Patreon. You can post and comment. Most importantly you can share and interact with other members of the server directly. There are even voice channels which you can pop onto and share live video with other members to show something you’ve learned, share a new tune, etc. The best part is none of it is public. It’s only available to members of the server.

There is a free public space and patron-only areas. Check it out by clicking the logo below. If you’re a patron connect to discord with your Patreon account to gain full access.

We’re doing seven live streams this week, including the three duffer classes, The Wednesday Night Session, The Ukulele Tiki Partay Tune, The Big Fiddle Show Tiki Partay & Camp Possum on Saturday.

The Camp Possum Wednesday Nite Session is back! 8:00 PM CT. CLICK HERE!

Hoots mon!! It’s the Big Fiddle Show Scottish Nite! We’ll play some Scottish tunes, have readings from “Wee MacGregor” and pass along our Haggis recipes. Plus we’ll have special musical guest Bluegrass fiddle legend Blaine Sprouse. The “little man” is officially “Roscoe Kafiddlehopper” or RK for short. Somebody is going to Braveheart Possum, too. It all starts at 8:00 PM Central this Friday. CLICK HERE!

LOOK!! – Time change: 2:00 to 3:30 PM Central! THIS WEEK ONLY

WOW! Saturday morning, 2:00 to 3:30 PM Central.  CLICK HERE! We’re playing a Calvin Vollrath tune called Dining Hall Jig.

Go get the DOTS at!

A recording of this tune appears on Calvin’s album WILD ALBERTA ROSE & CAT GUT BOOGIE available at


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The Ukulele Tiki Partay tune of the Week is an old favorite of mine called “To Be Determined”. Join the old flip-flop wearing castaway for a quick lesson on this tune and then join in during the Big Fiddle Show Tiki Partay Friday night. 11:00 AM Central on Friday. CLICK HERE!

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