Wednesday Tune-Fix: Norma Lou’s Waltz

This is an old waltz from Mid-Missouri that I learned from the Kemp brothers of Mexico, MO. They credited it to their grandpa so it’s an old’un for sure.  For a lot of years I ran around claiming that I wrote this tune as it appeared in my brain one day and I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I got it. Then Floyd Kemp and his brother corrected me at a contest one day.

I named the tune for Mrs. Norma Lou Applebee, who has been a fan and supporter of old-time Missouri fiddling for many years and is the wife of famed guitar picker Kenny Applebee.

The notes for this tune are available on my website under the waltz tab at

Here’s a recording of the tune Patt & I made back in the 1990s.

I’m most proud that friends of mine have picked up this tune from YouTube and are playing it in Canada. Here’s my friend Raymond Bazinet in Quebec who enjoys this old Missouri waltz.

This little playlist will get you going playing this tune. Think of the Kemp boys when you’re playing it!