#23 Tunes with Don – Leake County Two-Step

Woah Nellie! It’s another edition of Possum’s Big Fiddle Show – Tunes with Don. It’s Don sawing the fiddle and me on the starvation box playing tunes, telling jokes, listening to the Hotline and crackin’ wise on the important topics of the day – NOT!! Don plays Leake County Two-Step, Ora Lee, Green Willis & Lafayette. A very strange man calls us, he’s a veteran and he observed something quite odd on his a radar set during the Cold War. There are many puns and odd sounds to boot.

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#21 Tuesday Tunes with Don: Friday Edition

It’s another edition of Tuesday Tunes with Don, this time on Friday. Who could have guessed it. Recorded live and simulcast on both Twitch and YouTube at 11:00 AM on February 14, 2020. Valentine’s Day for you lovers out there. Don plays some great tunes in this episode and we launch the WORLD PREMIERE of a new tune – The Illinois Bicentennial Schottische. Get the music by emailing BigFiddleShow@gmail.com. We take two crazy calls from the hotline – WHOA NELLIE!!

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Episode #12 Blue Mule – Tuesday Tunes with Don

It’s a Christmas Eve Spectacular on another Tuesday Tunes with Don. We give away the tickets to Possum’s Big Fiddle Show on Ice. Don tells about the time he got his car stolen. Then we play several of the good old good’uns including: Blue Mule, Old Time Johnny Don’t Come Home Drunk, Get Aboard the Ship, Fireman’s Dance Cotillion and “The Mystery Tune”.

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Episode #8 – Belvidere Hornpipe

Possum is joined by his sidekick Wichita. We play a few tunes, most notably the Belvidere Hornpipe. We also discuss our recent trip to Clifftop, try to annoy “Butters the Cat”, Un-box a package that arrives from Amazon during the broadcast, listen to some calls from the hotline and finish off with an old quadrille.

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Episode #7 Square Dance 78’s, Teddy Roosevelt & More!

Square Dance 78s, Solomon Family, Calvin Vollrath, Teddy Roosevelt

In this exciting episode your host plays more 78s from the “Square Dance Box”. This is a heavy metal case of square dance records from the 1950s that Patt’s mother picked up at a thrift shop in Sarasota some years back. There a passle of 78 rpm records in it plus notes and set lists used by a real working Western-Style square dance caller. Quite a find. I’ll also play you a little bit of the Solomon family and a cut from a  new CD by Calvin Vollrath’s I picked up at Pembroke last year.

BTW, our good friends Heidi and Chris Germain were in town last weekend from Philly. We had a nice visit and even threw a little music party Saturday night. So here’s a special shoutout to them.


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