Newsletter for 14-February 2021 – Say Goodbye to All the “Dots”

NOTE: The newsletter is going to an “occasional” release schedule, not weekly as in the past. To keep in the know join our Facebook page or subscribe to our YouTube channel for notification. Better yet – become a subscriber at

Sorry to say my 400 plus tune transcriptions are no longer available on my website ( All my music resources can now only be accessed by subscribers at

If you have purchased the “dots” via PayPal in the last little while go sign-up at and I’ll refund $4 to cover your first month of membership. Contact me via to take advantage of this offer. With your subscription you’ll not only get all the the tune transcriptions, but also access to my legacy tune collections, video lessons on fiddle, guitar, mandolin and piano, discord access, merch discounts and more!

Patt’s new piano instructional series is underway.

Only available at

Every Wednesday @ 8:00 PM Central Time

Join Patt & Me every Wednesday evening at 8:00 Central for an old-fashioned jam session. Yes, you can play along across the internet just like our forbearers did, only they had to use a candle to see the keyboard. Just go to my YouTube Channel and look under upcoming livestreams.

Join for Camp Possum Most Saturdays @ 11AM Central

We learn a new tune each week and practice the others we’ve already learned. It’s FREE!

Take The Big Fiddle Show Tour

Big Fiddle Show – The Pre-Show

Come over to 30 minutes or so before each Big Fiddle Show broadcast and enjoy the pre-show. Watch Patt & I warm-up and chat with us before the show starts. To get notified follow me on Twitch or join my Discord and you’ll get a message when the program goes live.

The Big Fiddle Show now has a discord server!

What is discord?? It’s an online service that permits the creation of a community of folks with a similar interest. In this case, patrons & fans of the Big Fiddle Show. Think of it as Facebook without the toxicity and advertising.

What can you do with it. There are text channels you can use it to find out what’s going on with Camp Possum, The Big Fiddle Show and also new and featured offerings on our Patreon. You can post and comment. Most importantly you can share and interact with other members of the server directly. There are even voice channels which you can pop onto and share live video with other members to show something you’ve learned, share a new tune, etc. The best part is none of it is public. It’s only available to members of the server.

There is a free public space and patron-only areas. Check it out by clicking the logo below. If you’re a patron connect to discord with your Patreon account to gain full access. Click the graphic below linked to an invite to my discord server.

Let us know you’re out there. Email to